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The Back Office

Monitor your customers in real time

Designed for quick, efficient and professional administration, our back office is convenient, totally secure and very 'smart': manage application content, interact with your customers live, process their orders and reservations, and analyse all the statistics that are relevant to your activity and results.

Bowo • Monitor our customers in real time
Bowo • Everything you need to know about your guests, at your fingertipes


Everything you need to know about your guests, at your fingertips

While totally respecting customer data confidentiality, our back office gathers, collates and analyses all relevant management statistics: from daily usage time to satisfaction levels, orders and reservations... decode your clients' habits and needs so that you can provide them with an unbeatable proactive service.


Chat, notify... Communicate with ease

So that you can be proactive with your customers, our back office allows you to communicate directly with them through the online chat, but also to inform them of events or useful information during their stay, directly on their tablet, via the notification system.

Bowo • Chat, inform… communicate
Bowo • Process orders and reservations effortlessly

Orders & Reservations

Process orders and reservations effortlessly

Providing greater visibility for your services digitally is great, but managing them in a few clicks is even better: our back office, connected to your PMS, gives access to the detail of each order and reservation and lets you update their status so that your clients are kept informed in real time, for effortless management.

Configuration & Settings

Fine tune their experience down to the smallest details

Customisation to suit your needs and reflect your image is just the start: you can edit, update and adapt your application as your activity evolves. It's really easy and fast using our back office : pricing, available services, scenario programming and system configuration, all within your grasp!

Bowo • Fine tune their experience, down to the last detail


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Discover how easy and cost-effective it can be to improve your customers' experience! Our online quotation tool will enable you to sense your hotel's potential in just a few clicks.


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An all-in-one solution

An all-in-one solution designed to increase hotel income

Combining experience, functionality and profitability, our all-in-one solution is the perfect equation to enhance customer experience, increase revenue and control your Return On Investment.

Bowo • Quality and performance in line with your expectations Bowo • fully customized, proactive and intuite digital experience

Tablet & Phone

Provide high performance equipment, designed for use on a tablet and its docking station, which are both elegant and 'smart'.



Provide an intuitive application that is tailored to your needs, includes all the useful features, and is in keeping with the identity of your hotel.