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Creating and reinforcing a bond of trust

So that we can offer the best possible experience for your visitors, but also for our hoteliers, we will not compromise when it comes to respecting privacy, and in particular the confidentiality of the data we process: this is why we set ourselves a number of rules, to ensure that personal data protection is a cornerstone of our solution.


Our commitments

Secure data

Our teams work 7/7 to protect against misuse and unauthorised access.

Data for improvement

We use data to improve the experience and develop new tailored features.

Trusted relationships

Visitors only interact with hoteliers and their external partners.

Data control

Travellers can modify and/or delete their personal information at any time.


What does Bowo consider personal data?

At Bowo, we use the same definition as the GDPR to determine what should be considered personal data. The term "personal data" covers any information that identifies an individual directly or indirectly. For example, this could be a surname, a first name, a photograph, an email address, a phone number, but also data concerning your transactions via our solution and details of your purchases and usage within the application.


What is Bowo's policy regarding data?

Our policy states essential information on the use of your personal data by Bowo, and applies to the Bowo solution and its associated services (called "Solution"). The aim is to explain what personal data we collect, for what purpose and uses, and with whom we share it, to describe how we use personal data to provide the best possible experience with the Solution, and to set out the rights and options concerning personal data, as well ashow we proect users' privacy.


What data is collected by Bowo?

Bowo collects data not only to operate its service but also to improve it on a daily basis. This data is essential to enable us to provide the best possible experience during a traveller's stay. In particular: to manage traveller access to the services available through the Solution, to provide the best possible use of those services, to carry out tasks concerning hotel guests in terms of purchases, deliveries and customer relation tracking, to build a user database for continuous interface improvement, to send promotional messages during the guest's stay only, to compile usage statistics on the services available via the Solution.


Does the Bowo solution share traveller data ?

Certain products, services and Bowo features share data with third parties in order to function correctly. For example, when booking an activity via the application, or whenpurchasing a service such as"dry cleaning", the information is shared with the appropriate part of the organisation, enabling the hotel to fulfil the request. Similarly, the Bowo solution enables booking or purchase of external services. We share only the specific data required to ensure the service is provided correctly via the partner. Our role is also to certify the partner including their compliance regarding use of data (GDPR). Finally we also share data when required by law, in the case of a legal dispute for example. Personal data will not be subject to sale, hire or exchange to third parties.


How does Bowo protect data?

Our users' data security is our top priority. We take technical and organisational measures to safeguard the security, integrity and confidentiality of your personal data. Our technical teams use up-to-date protection methods to secure data, such as encryption protocols, authentication, data access controls... We therefore protect travellers and our community against misuse and risk of data theft or fraud.


How can travellers access their data?

The user may at any time ask us to access, modify or delete their personal data. We providethe following dedicated email address: In line with the GDPR, users may exercise the following rights: right of access to personal data we process,right of rectification to modify or update any inaccurate or incomplete personal data, right of erasure to permanently remove personal data, right of restriction including temporary or permanent cessation in whole or in part of personal data processing, of all or part of personal data, right of refusal of personal data for personal reasons, and right to electronic personal data portability to a third party service.

An all-in-one solution

An all-in-one solution designed to increase hotel income

Combining experience, functionality and profitability, our all-in-one solution is the perfect equation to enhance customer experience, increase revenue and control your Return On Investment.

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Tablet & Phone

Provide high performance equipment, designed for use on a tablet and its docking station, which are both elegant and 'smart'.



Provide an intuitive application that is tailored to your needs, includes all the useful features, and is in keeping with the identity of your hotel.


Back Office

Access a secure back office, allowing you to manage your activity in real time and analyse customer statistical data.