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Tablet & Phone

Quality and performance in line with your expectations

With its elegant and discreet design, our digital solution is the most efficient on the market. The tablet and its docking station fit in perfectly with the image of your hotel, the ambiance of your rooms and the daily lives of your travellers!

Bowo • Quality, high-performance hardware
Bowo • Samsung premium tablet : Quality and Performance Bowo • Samsung premium tablet : Quality and Performance

Premium tablet

Quality & Performance

Your hotel needs to be at the cutting edge of innovation, and therefore so must our solution: make the most of the high-end Samsung tablet, with its dock and smart charging system, which will fit in perfectly with your rooms.

Executive tablet

Economical and compact

Your customers need an innovative, durable and quality solution. This touch screen tablet will provide them with a digital experience while limiting your investment. A nice little touch, the docking station for the Android tablet is equipped with USB ports.

Bowo • Bowo executive tablet : cost-efficient and comptact Bowo • Bowo executive tablet : cost-efficient and comptact
Bowo • Touch screen multimedia IP phones with Alcatel-Lucent Bowo • Touch screen multimedia IP phones with Grandstream

Touch Telephony

Much more than just a phone!

An innovative solution that links your hardware to our Bowo applications. Choose from our colour touch screen multimedia IP telephony solutions, designed for use with market references Alcatel-Lucent and Grandstream.


Provide experiential intelligence

Experiential intelligence is the combination of artificial intelligence and automation, opening up a world of emotions for your clients through a personalised experience.



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Discover how easy and cost-effective it can be to improve your customers' experience! Our online quotation tool will enable you to sense your hotel's potential in just a few clicks.


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An all-in-one solution

An all-in-one solution designed to increase hotel income

Combining experience, functionality and profitability, our all-in-one solution is the perfect equation to enhance customer experience, increase revenue and control your Return On Investment.

Bowo • fully customized, proactive and intuite digital experience Bowo • Ideal experience, streamlined administration


Provide an intuitive application that is tailored to your needs, includes all the useful features, and is in keeping with the identity of your hotel.


Back Office

Access a secure back office, allowing you to manage your activity in real time and analyse customer statistical data.