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About us

Our mission: making the journey unforgettable

Bowo is the most complete digital solution on the market when it comes to the guest experience. Our aim has been simple since we started out: to provide the little something extra that will make the difference, creating the highlight that will turn each moment into a tailor-made, unforgettable experience.

Bowo is for the

Ambitious, the

Trailblazers, the

Innovators and

Problem Solvers

The future of hospitality is being shaped today! Whether you run a hotel or a restaurant, your industry is changing: you know it's not just about providing a room for the night or a meal any more, it's about providing a new experience in its own right. Our digital solutions help hotel and restaurant owners serve their guests in a personalised, fun, efficient and seamless way, for an experience that is unique and exceptional.

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Our values

Ce qui nous motive au quotidien

Bowo • À propos Valeurs Flexibilité Icône


Bowo subtly marries the human and digital aspects, creating solutions that are adaptable and adapted to establishments' real and emerging requirements. All of the features are the results of contact with our clients, and their trust in us.

Bowo • À propos Valeurs Evolutivité Icône


We are constantly evolving and passing on the benefits to our customers. We are keen to innovate and love to test new things. Updates are regularly implemented in our solutions based on our analysis, our clients' requests, and their guests' demands.

Bowo • À propos Valeurs Pertinence Icône


We believe in data. All of the information we collect and anlyse every day helps us understand how we can futher improve results and performance - ours and those of our clinets. Every action has to have a purpose.

Bowo • À propos Valeurs Humain Icône

The human touch

We put a lot of stock in creativity, movement and group dynamics. And we put all of our energy into serving our clients and their clients.

Meet our team

We are a team of project leaders, designers, customer success managers and developers, working together to make technology that benefits hospitality.

Contact us

Your concerns

matter to us.

Talk us about your establishment, your need, your guests.

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