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Improving the travel experience

Whether you are a hotel group, an independent hotel or a franchisee, the hotel industry is changing:as you know, your challenges now go beyond just providing a room for the night or a classic stay. Now it is about offering a completely new experience while improving customer satisfaction. Our complete, bespoke solution, developed from scratch and inspired by your expertise as a hotelier, is part ofyour digital transformation, making interaction easier, making your facilities and services accessible, and enriching your customers' experience during their trip.


Our vision

Making the journey unforgettable

Beyond the touch screen tablet and the application, our aim has been clearfrom the start: to bring the little plus that will make the difference, the key that will transform a night in a hotel into a tailored personalised experience. Our solution is obviously more than hardware and software, it allows you to create a strong bond between your customer and yourself, between their needs and your expertise, between their satisfaction and your service. More than just technology or marketing, our aim is to upgrade the stay, for you and your clients, and make it even more memorable.

Our team

Experts, with a passion!

Meet a united, passionate team of experts, but above all, a human adventure


CEO & Co-Founder

Jonathan is THE workaholic in the team. Histhing? The intoxication of work! Hishobbies? Imagining, creating, designing... And when he's not working, he's always playing ball one way or another: football, squash, golf ... Jon in a quote is "Work hard, have fun and make history! "(Jeff Bezoz): basically, he's Mr.Perseverance and he certainly breathes energy into the team.


CTO & Co-Founder

Romain is our CTO. His head is firmly on his shoulders and it contains a sharp analytical mind. Our Mr. Pragmatic! After his studies at L'Ecole Centrale, Romain spent a year in San Francisco Bay, and then went on an entrepreneurial adventure for two years before joining Bowo.


CSO & Associate

Jonathan is a very focused and thorough, which means he's a colleague we can depend upon. He is very enthusiastic and deeply committed to all the tasks he undertakes. His sense of humour makes him a really pleasant colleague to work with.


Business Manager

Pierre is our cheerful business manager. He's our second Mr. Perseverance, and enthusiastic with it! How does he recharge his batteries? Outdoors, on the water or in the countryside, sailing or playing tennis.


Android devt.

Alexandre is the strong silent type in the team, with a taste for adventure, calm yet always cheerful. Mobile and web developer for Bowo, Alexandre is working on revolutionalising hotel service (yes indeed!) and when he's not working, he's on the lookout for the latest burgers in Paris to keep him going between judo and Thai boxing sessions.


Lead Android devt.

We can sum Vincent up in one word: organised! To the point that if you ask him what his main quality is, he replies 'tidy'. And when he's not tidying, Vincent plays games of strategy or badminton. In short, Vincent has a keen sense of organisation and an even keener sense of humour.



After studying economics and marketing at the Sorbonne, web-related applied human sciences at Paris-Est then communication at Paris-Assas 2/ Institut Français Presse, Alizee worked in a web agency and as a freelance. And that's how she found Bowo.


Marketing offier


Business Dev.

Our offices

Our offices are located in the heart of Paris(176, rue du temple 75003 Paris).Want to get in touch? Call+33 (0)1 71 27 52 70orsend us a message..

Our allies

They trust us, partner us or advise us. Our allies are to our team what our solution is to hoteliers: what makes the experience even more memorable.