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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Bowo?

Who are Bowo's solutions for?

What does Bowo have that its competitors don't?

Is it a white label solution?

Can anyone use the application?

How can I give my guests access to the application?

Is it difficult for our staff to set up?

How can I change the content of my application?

How are languages handled?

What do I do if I have a technical problem?

How easy is it to change the information and menus in the Guest App?

Can I choose the places of interest in the City Guide?

Can I give specific access to my team?

Is there a connection API?

Are there any additional costs for the integration of additional external services?

Do you manage billing in the PMS/POS?

Is the solution secure?

How do I connect the room automation to the Guest App?

How can we generate additional income?

I can't find my partner in the list

Is it possible to earn commissions on the sales of external services?

I already have a website, what else does the Guest App provide?

What about the tablet in the room? Is this a good solution for my hotel?

What metrics can I access from the back office?

What devices can the solution control?

Do you do all the installation yourselves?

I don't know a hotel automation provider, how do I go about it?

Can my client control the equipment in other rooms?

What is the feedback from guests?

Can we have an example of a Guest App to present to our staff?

We have several hotels: can we do "multiproperty" with the Bowo solution?

How long does it take for Bowo to be rolled out to all our hotels?

Can customers pay for their order directly via the app?

Can customers place orders directly from the application?

How can I change the menus and prices if my menu changes?

How do I get the free QR code?

Is there a free trial period?

Can I buy à la carte features? What if I need custom development?

What happens after I place an order?

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