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Let your customers be in charge

Our solution pushes the boundaries beyond the classic hotel experience: using a bespoke installation or via your existing compatible equipment, you can provide your clients with simple, practical and intuitive automation backed up by artificial intelligence, right in your rooms.

Bowo • Let the client take control

Mood setting

Their wish is the room's command

Our solution lets your clients change the ambience of their room, from floor to ceiling. It's child's play. You can provide them with the choice between predefined moods or let them pick their own colour scheme, sound levels and lighting.

Wild savannah
Tropical Forest
Aurora borealis
High mountain
Cold arctic
Tropical twilight


Total control, from floor to ceiling

Our automation features aren't just about turning the lights on and off: ceiling lights, upright lamps, bedside lights, digital frames or music playlists... the possibilities are endless, for them and for you! We program the moods and intelligent scenarios you want to make available to your clients, in line with your specifications and room features






A setup to suit your rooms

Regardless of the format and category of the room you provide, our automation system can be set up in any kind of location and centralise all types of configurations: from standard rooms to suites, from studios to complete apartments, the only limits are your requirements and the features you want to make available to your clients.

Bowo • Installation for a standard room Bowo • Installation for a junior suite Bowo • Installation for a suite


Receive an initial quote for your hotel

Discover how easy and cost-effective it can be to improve your customers' experience! Our online quotation tool will enable you to sense your hotel's potential in just a few clicks.


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An all-in-one solution

An all-in-one solution designed to increase hotel income

Combining experience, functionality and profitability, our all-in-one solution is the perfect equation to enhance customer experience, increase revenue and control your Return On Investment.

Bowo • Quality and performance in line with your expectations Bowo • fully customized, proactive and intuite digital experience Bowo • Ideal experience, streamlined administration

Tablet & Phone

Provide high performance equipment, designed for use on a tablet and its docking station, which are both elegant and 'smart'.



Provide an intuitive application that is tailored to your needs, includes all the useful features, and is in keeping with the identity of your hotel.


Back Office

Access a secure back office, allowing you to manage your activity in real time and analyse customer statistical data.