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Articles Guest experience [Success Story]: How Maison Mère is reinventing the customer experience with Bowo

Maison Mère is a new kind of hotel that is redefining the language of hospitality. A 4* hotel with 51 rooms in Paris, it also has a cocktail bar, coworking café, art gallery and restaurant. In other words, a true living space and meeting venue for world travelers and Parisians.

Marion Grelier, executive assistant and Sarah Valensi, marketing director, talk about the history of their establishment and how Bowo is helping them to "level up", as they put it, the customer experience and operations.

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Q: Introduce us to Maison Mère …

Sarah : Maison Mère is a 4* hotel, but that’s not all ! It’s also a place to be experienced and enjoyed. We built it like a big guest house with lots of different living spaces. There is a library "concept store" where we exhibit objects by local creators and craftspeople. The establishment offers a coworking space, which is free and open to all. We also have a restaurant and a cocktail bar, Le Nectar, which provides revisited French cuisine. We also organise regular events, such as yoga classes and jazz nights on Thursdays. And finally, we have a whole art gallery area upstairs, with 1 artist exhibiting in the rooms and hallways per floor.

Q: Maison Mère, like many hotels, is also a family affair …

Marion : Yes, that's right. It is a family affair that started 3 generations ago with our Belmont hotel. The father of our director, Aziz Temimi, then bought this hotel, formerly called Hôtel de l'Océan,which was a 3 star hotel at the time. With Aziz, we carried out renovation work, rethought the hotel’s entire identity and Maison Mère, was born.We opened one year ago.

Q: What made you consider a digital solution like Bowo ?

Marion : We introduce Bowo the moment we opened the hotel. We had a year during the bulding work to think about the processes and tools we wanted to work with. So it's in the hotel's DNA to digitse communication and procedures, so we can save time and focus on our customers.

Q : What were the requirements for the partnership with Bowo? What is absolutely has to be guaranteed ?

Sarah : Our identity and branding are very strong at Maison Mère. It was essential that we have a platform, a webapp, that reflects those, and that is 100% personalised and customisable.

The ability to upsell was also important to us. We had to be able to offer products and packages directly from the room, like our love kit, to level up the customer experience.

Then, we also needed to be able to manage statistics to know what works, what doesn't, and how much interest our customers have for this or that feature we have introduced.

Marion : And what we didn't want was all the paperwork you see when you arrive in a hotel, all those brochures everywhere. In the rooms too, we wanted to avoid having the room directory in a paper format. We wanted to manage to centralise all this material to have something more durable, given that the content is likely to change regularly.

This is what led us to work with Bowo

Q : How do you use Bowo today ?

Marion : First, as an operational tool. Bowo allows us to have reliable work processes and to avoid all the friction involved in communication between departments, which is sometimes done with paper and pencil. For example, on our webapp, you can order room service such as breakfast: what's really practical is that it's linked to our POS tool, so all the breakfast staff can see the client's request directly.

The same goes for the concept store: we have purchases that are made directly in the room, the order arrives in the back office at the reception desk, we confirm the customer's purchase and then we can invoice him or her easily, because there is a direct link to our PMS.

Sarah : We also use Bowo as a communication tool. We place a lot of importance on the communication of our events, of our news and to the content distribution. We have the option of sending pop-ups, to put out advertisements at certain times: for example, to announce on Thursdays that there is the jazz evening and invite our customers to come in for a cocktail.

We also have our blog, which is accessible from the webapp. We want to share content like the best activities in Paris, the experiences we can offer, and thus be a source of recommendations for our customers.

Q : Tell us about the early days of the cooperation with Bowo

Sarah : We were trained directly by Marine, our project manager, who explained to us all Bowo’s features and all the possible customisations. We then had regular calls. Marine always gave us great advice and support.

Marion : What's interesting is that the project managers at Bowo already have hotel experience and also a lot of examples of what their other clients are doing, which they readily share to give us ideas.

Q. What are the results obtained through Bowo? What does it do for you?

Sarah : We generated €9000 of additional sales, which is not to be sneezed at.

Marion : It has also really boosted the feeling of belonging to the so-called MM Family. Clients appreciate it when we invite them for a drink, when we keep them informed about the events we organize at the hotel. And above all, being able to find advice created by ourselves, Parisians who live in Paris.

Apart from the additional revenue, the most important thing to remember is that it helps us to "level up" the customer experience, to personalise it and it is therefore a real plus for our customers and for our staff.

Do you want to enrich your customer experience, generate upsell and improve your processes, like Maison Mère? Demandez votre démo !

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