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The 2024 global hotel chain ranking has been released. Despite a complex geopolitical and economic context, the top 10 hotel groups in 2024 reveal a diversified and often robust growth dynamic.

The ranking is notably marked by the undisputed domination of Marriott International, which retains its first place for the eighth year running.

Behind it, Jin Jiang and Hilton continue to consolidate their position on the podium with high growth rates. The Asian dynamism is particularly evident at H World Group, which, with an impressive increase of nearly 13%, surpasses Accor to rise to the sixth place.

Strategies vary widely between groups, including international expansions, major renovations, conversions, strategic partnerships, and exploration of new market segments… The luxury and lifestyle segment, in particular, seems to be an area of increased focus.

Overall, the top 10 global hotel groups in 2024 showcase an industry in constant motion. Focus on these major players who compete in innovation and growth strategies to remain competitive in the global hotel market .

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  1. Marriott International : 8 691 hôtels / 1 574 486 rooms (+4.8%)
  2. Jin Jiang : 13 218 hôtels / 1 336 399 rooms (+7.7%)
  3. Hilton Worldwide : 7 438 hôtels / 1 166 828 rooms (+4.8%)
  4. IHG : 6 333 hôtels / 936 677 rooms (+3.8%)
  5. Wyndham Hotels & Resorts : 9 178 hôtels / 871 794 rooms (+3.5%)
  6. H World Group : 8 866 hôtels / 845 573 rooms (+12.7%)
  7. Accor : 5 584 hôtels / 821 518 rooms (+2.4%)
  8. Choice Hotels : 7 527 hôtels / 632 986 rooms (+0.8%)
  9. BTH Hotels : 6 263 hôtels / 481 503 rooms (+2.9%)
  10. OYO (données 2023): 16 128 hôtels / 404 154 rooms

Source: MKG Consulting


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Credits: Top 10 hotel groups worldwide in 2024 - MKG Consulting

Global Ranking of Hotel Groups 2024

Bowo • Marriott international bowo 2

1. Marriott International

At the top of the list, we find Marriott International, the global leader for the eighth consecutive year.

With 30 brands, 8,691 hotels, and over 1.5 million rooms in 139 countries, it is the largest hotel chain in the world in 2024.

The American group records a growth rate of its hotel park of +4.8%, driven in particular by its development dynamics in Asia-Pacific and in the Caribbean and Latin America regions.

This year, Marriott also marked a significant milestone with a strategic partnership with MGM Resorts International, which adds 37,000 rooms to its development, thus strengthening an already robust pipeline of 573,000 planned rooms.

Photo Credits: The Heathrow/Windsor Marriott Hotel in the United Kingdom.

Bowo • Jin jiang bowo

2. Jin Jiang

After a year of moderate growth (+3.1%), the Chinese hotel chain Jin Jiang records the second-highest growth in this top 10 with +7.7%.

The group now has 13,218 hotels and 1,336,399 rooms as of 12/31/2023.

Jin Jiang also owns the Radisson Hotel Group and Louvre Hotels Group. While the dynamics of Radisson are maintained by its upscale brands, Louvre Hotels is suffering from disinvestment.

However, under the leadership of Federico J. Gonzalez, who heads these two subsidiaries, a five-year strategic plan was initiated at the end of 2023. This plan aims to renovate 80% of the establishments and to develop new contemporary concepts to invigorate the offering, in particular for Campanile. It also targets strategic expansion in key markets of France, India, and China.

Bowo • Hilton hotels bowo 2

3. Hilton Hotels

Hilton Worldwide maintains its third place in the ranking with a +4.8% growth of its hotel park, adding more than 53,000 keys to its portfolio.

Two new brands, Spark by Hilton and LivSmart Studios by Hilton, have played a central role in this growth strategy, meeting the increasing demand for upscale economical rooms and extended-stay accommodations.

At the beginning of 2024, the global hotel chain established an exclusive partnership with Small Luxury Hotels of the World, adding more than 550 independent luxury hotels to its offering. The aim is to strengthen its position in the luxury segment, where Hilton still lags far behind its competitors.

Bowo • Ihg bowo

4. InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)

IHG holds the fourth place in the global ranking, with a +3.8% growth in its hotel portfolio. IHG is gradually approaching the one-million-room mark thanks to the rapid growth of its Holiday Inn brand, which accounted for 2/3 of the group's openings worldwide in 2023.

A major milestone was reached with the opening of 1,000 establishments in Asia-Pacific, including more than 700 in Greater China.

In 2024, IHG plans to strengthen its luxury and lifestyle segment, which now represents 22% of its global pipeline, marking a significant increase on five years ago.

Bowo • Wyndham bowo 2

5. Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

For Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, 2023 marks a record year. With the addition of 500 new establishments, the group records a growth of +3.5% and maintains its position as the 5th largest hotel group worldwide.

The hotel chain benefited from the success of its new brand ECHO Suites Extended StaySM by Wyndham in the United States in the extended-stay segment. Like other groups, Wyndham is also preparing to launch a new lifestyle brand.

Meanwhile, Wyndham continues to push its international expansion with a growth of +7% abroad versus only +1% in the United States.

Moreover, the group successfully countered Choice International’s hostile takeover bid, putting an end to several months of financial tensions.

Bowo • Huazhu hotels bowo

6. H World Group

The Chinese group H World Group, formerly known as Huazhu Hotels Group, records the strongest growth in the ranking with an impressive increase of +12.7% in its hotel park. It thus overtook Accor to take 6th place in the ranking.

The group now has 8,866 hotels and 845,573 rooms.

The growth is mainly driven by the dynamism of its subsidiary Deutsche Hospitality in Europe.

For 2024, H World Group aims for new growth opportunities in the APAC and Middle East regions, while focusing on digitization and service excellence to enhance the guest experience.

Bowo • Accor hotel bowo

7. Accor

Accor is the seventh largest hotel chain worldwide. The only French group in the ranking, the European champion.

It now records 821,518 rooms (vs. 802,269 in 2023) and experiences a moderate growth of +2.4%, due to a decline in the number of rooms recorded in its core markets, in France and Germany.

Although Accor seems to be slightly losing ground to the competition (despite the 290 new hotels opened in 2023), it can boast excellent financial results.

Recently, the hotel group announced a record EBITDA of over €1 billion, and is confident for 2024 (pipeline of 225,000 rooms - 1,315 hotels).

The group also stands out for the diversity of its portfolio, counting nearly 40 brands (including several recent ones: Mama Shelter, 25Hours, Mondrian, Delano, Tribe, Greet, Jo&Joe, Handwritten Collection) when IHG or Hilton, for example, have less than 20 brands.

Bowo • Choice hotels bowo

8. Choice Hotels

The fourth US hotel chain in the ranking, Choice Hotels maintains its eighth place, but underperforms with an evolution of its hotel park by only +0.8%.

The hotel chain now counts 7,527 hotels and 632,986 rooms.

While the franchisor has been slowed down in its domestic market, abroad it records a better performance, at +2%, driven by the refreshment of all its brands in Europe.

Bowo • Bth hotels bowo

9. BTH Hotels

Distanced but still in the top 10, BTH Hotels records a +2.9% growth in its hotel portfolio. The group surpassed the 6,000 hotel mark for 481,503 rooms in 2023.

Bowo • Oyo hotels bowo

10. OYO

After several years of decline, OYO, the Indian hotel chain, launched an ambitious program in June 2023 aiming to add 1,000 new hotels to its portfolio by December 2023.

This plan aims to revitalize the brand and boost its growth in a highly competitive market. With 2024 figures yet to be updated, it remains to be seen whether this initiative will enable OYO to reverse the downward trend of previous years.

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