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While the hotel service offer is plentiful, few hoteliers actually implement an upselling strategy through additional services. What services to offer? Which ones are truly profitable? To help you sort it out, we have drawn up a list of the six essential hotel services for any offer that meets both customer expectations and upselling objectives.

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Here are the 6 essential hotel services:


More than a classic, on-site breakfast is a real winner. It is the most appreciated service by customers.

According to a Coach Omnium study conducted in 2022:

- 63% of customers take it systematically,

- 28 % do it irregularly
- and less than 10% rarely to never.

This is why hoteliers should not neglect this service, which plays an essential role in the customer experience and satisfaction. According to a study conducted by the Yougov Institute in 2019, 7 out of 10 French people believe that the choice of a hotel depends on the quality of the breakfast offer.

Thus, in general, if your capture rate is less than 80% (proportion of hosted customers who have breakfast on site), you should question the quality or price (or both) of the service. Note that Parisians and those under 35 are the ones who most often skip breakfast, lack of time and the high cost of the service being the main reasons given for this non-consumption.

Room service

Room service is the second hotel service not to be overlooked. It is directly linked to the room and allows the customer to supply themselves with anything they may be missing or anything they may desire from their room. Whether it is Food & Beverage or specific requests...

Need an extra blanket or feel like enjoying a champagne tasting in the middle of the night? Is the mattress a bit uncomfortable? The customer should be able to easily contact reception to submit their request and see it fulfilled. This service is essential to any hotel that cares about the quality of its service. Depending on the demand, it allows for higher pricing than a standard service and thus generates significant additional revenue.

To facilitate room service management, more and more hotels now offer tablets in rooms or mobile applications from which the customer can consult and make their requests.


A hotel is a place of passage where one comes to stay for a while, visit the surroundings and leave immediately. Access to the hotel and to different landmark locations (such as train stations, museums, airports...) should be simple and provided by the hotel. It is therefore appreciated to offer, among other things, a taxi service that picks up the traveler directly at the hotel, or even a driver who follows his clients throughout a day or the stay.

Again, the service simplifies the customer's stay while also allowing you to benefit from new commissions.

The tourist guide

Hotel customers generally do not know the surroundings of the hotel but are often interested in discovering good addresses! So why not help them find what they are looking for with a city guide?

Note that nearly half of experience bookings (48%) take place once travelers have arrived at their destination (Google study). So many upselling opportunities not to be missed.

Another equally interesting statistic: according to a study by Gladly, 75% of customers are willing to pay more for personalized recommendations.

By asking them about their current desires, whether it is visiting an exhibition, eating something local, or simply partying, you should know the appropriate places and be able to suggest them intelligently.

Instead of collecting flyers and brochures from all the surrounding points of interest, why not guide your customers through a digital solution? Once again, the guest app Bowo could be a perfect solution to offer this service! The customer benefits from cutting-edge GPS technology to trace a personalized route for them, taking into account their desires... Not bad, right

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Los entretenimientos audiovisuales

Vivimos en un mundo digital donde gran parte del entretenimiento diario se lleva a cabo en una pantalla viendo películas, series o videos de todo tipo. Por lo tanto, una oferta de canales de televisión, alquiler de películas o acceso a un catálogo de videos (Netflix / YouTube) es imprescindible en la oferta hotelera.

En la misma línea, es muy agradable poder ver tu programa favorito como en casa, por la noche antes de acostarte. Y de nuevo, a menudo son programas de pago que el hotelero puede aprovechar. ¡Todos ganan! El cliente con una comodidad adicional, el hotelero con ventas adicionales (y un cliente satisfecho).

El Spa

En Francia, el 75% de los clientes de hoteles consideran que la presencia de un spa es apreciable, e incluso indispensable según un estudio de Coach Omnium.

¿Qué hay mejor que relajarse en un buen jacuzzi, refrescarse en la piscina y terminar con una pequeña sesión de deporte para revitalizarse? Aunque a menudo es costoso de implementar, este servicio permite mejorar la categoría del hotel (incluso ganar una estrella), y por lo tanto aumentar los precios al mismo tiempo que mejora el bienestar de sus clientes. ¡Aún hay muchas razones para hacer felices a los huéspedes!

Alternativamente, también se pueden utilizar asociaciones ... a menor costo pero igualmente creadoras de valor añadido (aunque menos prácticas). ¡Muchos hoteles se han dejado seducir por este principio!

Un último comentario:

Como han entendido, esta lista no pretende ser exhaustiva, pero si tuviera que elegir solo 5 servicios de hotel, serían estos. Estos servicios son los que más mejoran la comodidad y la satisfacción del cliente, al mismo tiempo que hacen ganar dinero al hotel. Sin embargo, tenga en cuenta las especificidades de su clientela y su localidad, y ofrezca una oferta hotelera en función de ellas.

Si desea ir más allá en la experiencia del cliente y los servicios que ofrece, una solución digital como Bowo puede ser su mejor aliada.

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